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Pandora's Box

Our B-Movie Archive!!

Pandora's Box is a HUGE list of movie review that we have compiled from the best B-Movie websites on the web! Please, check them out on the links page. Clicking on a review opens a new window and links directly to that site's review.


Jack Frost A psychopathic murderer is reincarnated as a killer snowman. From
Jack Frost 2: Revenge of the Mutant Killer Snowman The homicidal killer snowman returns to wreak havoc on a tropical island. From The B-Movie Vault
Jaws: The Revenge The final sequel to Jaws in which a gigantic Great White shark terrorizes the Bahamas. From The B-Movie Vault
Jungle Hell I don't understand the plot, but there were lots of elephants. From
Junk: Dead Soul Hunting Zombie gore and boring characters and it's not Italian? From Iniquity Films