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If you are reading this now, you probably just saw a bad movie. If you want to write a review, first check our archive. PLEASE DON'T SUBMIT REVIEWS FOR MOVIES WE ALL READY HAVE REVIEWS FOR. Please, no profanity. All sent reviews are property of StalePopcorn.Tripod.Com. Legal talk aside, have fun. Come back again with your reviews!
What is the name of the movie?

What is this movie rated?
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Write the names of some of the characters, the name of the actor who portrayed them (if it is someone important), and a little bit about them.


Please write the plot of the movie, preferably in a humerous style. NO PROFANITY OR LEWD LANGUAGE.


Point out all of the predictable plot twists, stupid quotes, or anything else that is funny.

What do you rate this movie (based upon how fun it was to watch)?
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