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A+ websites dedicated to B-movies!

These are the websites that made possible. They provided pictures, reviews, and most importantly, inspiration. Check them out!!

BadMovies.Org Link

A great site with tons of reviews. Points out cliches wonderfully. A must-see!!

link to the B-Movie Vault

Cool B-Movie website with cool embedded music. It has been called "the next generation [of B-movie websites]"

Dancing satanic hamster (link to Iniquity Films) Iniquity Films Link Dancing satanic hamster (link to Iniquity Films)

What can I say? This webpage has dancing satanic hamsters! Creative and humerous writing style. Realy cool!

William Link

Cool site dedicated to William Girdler, director of Grizzly and other great B-movies. Cool 50's style layout!!! Link

Offers reviews of modern-day bad movies. Check out the "100 Years, 100 Stinkers" list.