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Pandora's Box

Our B-Movie Archive!!

Pandora's Box is a HUGE list of movie review that we have compiled from the best B-Movie websites on the web! Please, check them out on the links page. Clicking on a review opens a new window and links directly to that site's review.


Eat and Run Overweight alien visits earth, after hearing how good Italian is he tries some. To bad it's people, not the cooking. From
Eegah! Richard Kiel stars as a caveman in modern day Palm Springs. From
Elves An elf - bred by the Nazis. (This really is the plot.) From
Endless Descent An experimental submarine encounters killer seaweed and mutants galore. From
Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn Awesome fun! Evil spirits again threaten Ash and company, but this time he has an attitude and a chainsaw. From
Evil Dead, The Evil spirits steal the souls from Ash and his camper friends. From