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Pandora's Box

Our B-Movie Archive!!

Pandora's Box is a HUGE list of movie review that we have compiled from the best B-Movie websites on the web! Please, check them out on the links page. Clicking on a review opens a new window and links directly to that site's review.


Santa Claus Conquers the Martians Can Saint Nick overcome evil invaders from space, a robot, and Pia Zadora? From
Scream of the Wolf Two hunters go after a "supposed" werewolf. It has a great twist ending. From The B-Movie Vault
Screamers (1979) A scientist creates creatures that are half fish and half man. From
Seedpeople Alien plant monsters take over a quiet valley. From
Sgt Kabukiman N.Y.P.D. A New York cop accidently becomes man's only hope against evil, a Super-Kabuki! From
Shark Attack A shark expert goes to a small African village to discover the reason for a recent slew of shark attacks....only to discover a horrible secret! From The B-Movie Vault
Silent Night, Deadly Night Punish! From
Silver Bullet A werewolf terrorizes the town of Tarker's Mills. Based upon Stephen King's novelette "Cycle of the Werewolf." From The B-Movie Vault
Sinful Nuns of Saint Valentine, The Also known as "Mother Superior Jumped the Other Nuns." From
Sisterhood, The Amazon women with psychic powers struggle to survive in the barren wastelands after a nuclear war. From
Six-String Samurai After nuclear war in 1957 Elvis became king, now he has died and a brave samurai rocker must battle Death for the throne. From
Skeeter Giant mosquitos, created by toxic waste, attack a desert town. From
Slave Girls from Beyond Infinity This movie has one redeeming quality, female nudity. From
Sleepstalker Evil killer returns to slay his brother, only this time he is made of sand. From
Slime People, The They have invaded Los Angeles, stockpile weapons and salt! From
Slugs Killer slugs! Really, I mean it. Why are you laughing? From
Snake and Crane-Arts of Shaolin Vintage Jackie Chan From Iniquity Films
Solarbabies A glowing orb helps the members of a rollerskate team free the Earth's water. From
Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama Teenagers (played by actors in their thirties) release a demonic imp from its bowling trophy prison. From
Sound of Horror, The A Spanish film about invisible dinosaurs in Greece. From
Space Warriors 2000 Six Ultra Brothers and the monsters who hate them. From Iniquity Films
Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone Just the name makes you shiver, doesn't it? From
Spaceship In space no one can hear Leslie Nielsen scream. From
Star Crystal ET's retarded cousin is killing off the crew of a space ship, who will be next? From
Starcrash Where else could you find David Hasselhoff using a lightsabre to battle killer robots? From
Stir of Echoes Rehash of The Shining, anyone? From Iniquity Films
Stop It, You're Killing Me There are more references to sleeping with a hundred and twelve year old man than can be healthy. From
Story of Ricky AMAZINGLY GORY Kung Fu movie! From
Strays A pack of killer house cats is on the loose. From
Street Trash Bums melt into puddles of goo after drinking contaminated whiskey. From
Stuff, The Killer dessert! It takes over your body, but has 50% less fat. From