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Pandora's Box

Our B-Movie Archive!!

Pandora's Box is a HUGE list of movie review that we have compiled from the best B-Movie websites on the web! Please, check them out on the links page. Clicking on a review opens a new window and links directly to that site's review.


Tammy and the T-Rex Denise Richards stars in the touching story about a girl and her robotic dinosaur. From
Tarantula A huge spider menaces southern Arizona. From
Teenage Space Vampires Lord Vlathos wants to enslave the Earth by trapping every drop of sunlight in a huge diamond! From
Terror of Mechagodzilla The robot monster is rebuilt: better, faster, and stronger. From
Terror of Tiny Town, The 1938 B&W western with an all midget cast. (I'm not joking one bit.) From
Terror on the Wind People are threatened by a giant tumbleweed. From
Terror, The Roger Corman's Poe-esque tale of ... something. From Iniquity Films
TerrorVision A monster materializes out of a family's new satellite dish system. From
Tetsuo the Iron Man More proof that Japanese filmmakers are just a weird bunch. From Iniquity Films
The Terror of the Bloodhunters THE WORST MOVIE I'VE EVER SEEN, PART 2 From Iniquity Films
They Nest Made for TV crap. From Iniquity Films
Ticks Giant ticks created by herbal steroids menace a youth group. From
Time Runner Somebody travel back and warn Mark Hamill about this movie. From
Tingler, The Scream, scream for your lives! From
Tombs of the Blind Man Excellent atmospheric zombie business. From Iniquity Films
Toxic Avenger Part II, The Troma's favorite mutant takes a trip to Japan. From
Toxic Avenger, The New Jersey's superhero battles evil, finds love, and cleans up city hall. From
Toxic Avenger, The New Jersey's first superhero battles corrupt politicians and criminals in the small town of Tromaville. From The B-Movie Vault
Toxic Spawn Alien avocados make people explode like ripe ticks! From
Transylvania 6-5000 Reporters try to find out why Geena Davis is a nymphomaniac vampire. From
Troll An evil troll is plotting to turn our world into one big fairy forest. From
Troll II Goblins (not trolls) turn people into plants so they can be eaten. From
Tromeo & Juliet Don't you remember the lesbians in the original version? From