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Pandora's Box

Our B-Movie Archive!!

Pandora's Box is a HUGE list of movie review that we have compiled from the best B-Movie websites on the web! Please, check them out on the links page. Clicking on a review opens a new window and links directly to that site's review.


Abraxas: Guardian of the Universe Jesse "The Body" Ventura defends the universe from a renegade alien. From
Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai, The Buckaroo Banzai must stop alien 'lectroids from escaping the 8th dimension. From
Alien Dead, The Zombies created by a meteor consume a town in Florida. From
Alien Predators Three Amercian tourists and a NASA scientist battle aliens in Spain. From The B-Movie Vault
Alien Prey An alien encounters two British lesbians, even the "L" word didn't save this film. From
Angry Red Planet, The The first mission to Mars encounters terrible monsters, including a bat-rat-spider. From
Another State of Mind Classic punk-rock documentary with Mike Ness and Social D. From Iniquity Films
Army of Darkness Ash defends medieval Europe from an undead army. Serious mayhem! From
At the Earth's Core Peter Cushing and Doug McClure take on hypnotic pteranodons! From
Attack of the Crab Monsters The Professor (think Gilligan's Island) is pitted against giant crustaceans. From
Attack of the Guinea Pig A group of hyper-active teens are attacked by a Guinea Pig! From The B-Movie Vault
Attack of the Killer Tomatoes Tomatoes suddenly become psychopathic killers! From
Attack of the Super Monsters Dinosaurs with special powers attempt to destroy mankind! From The B-Movie Vault